About Us

Silverfish Screen Printing is the result of Ink Well Tattoo, Inc enlisting the talent and abilities of Adam Wakeley in an effort to produce art in the form of screen printing. While certainly capable of producing simple screen printed clothing and designs, the goal is to create limited editions of artists’ work. Screen printing is an amazing medium for artists to generate multiple versions of their artwork but with an individuality that cannot be obtained from simply making copies. It’s pretty much making multiple originals, each numbered and signed by the artist.
Therefore, whether you simply want some shirts printed for your company, band, family, etc. or if you are an artist interested in generating some product using your art, we can take care of you.

Pricing depends greatly on quantities and qualities and it’s not easy to configure an estimate without this information. Here are the things we need to know to come up with a price estimate:

1.Quantity of shirts in what sizes?

2.Quality of shirts and style?

3.Color of shirts (multiple colors of shirts can be done in an order without charge as long as they are all “dark” or all “light” 

4.Color(s) of ink (design to be printed on shirt)

5.Will we be doing the artwork or will you supply it (please attach a copy of the design)?

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